My favourite free icons to use for web applications

When creating a website or application, it’s nice to use a few icons to spruce it up a bit. Icons are especially useful to aid interactivity when it comes to navigation and menu design. Below are my favourite icon packs, based on the following reasons:

  • They are free
  • Their aesthetics are good enough to be used professionally for web 2.0
  • They are high resolution, making them useful in a range of circumstances.
  • There’s enough in a set to create a consistent look throughout a web app.

Crystal Clear

There are over 500 icons in this set, all sized at 128px by 128px.


Download the crystal clear icon collection here


There are over 200 icons in this set, and these scale up to 2000px if you’re crazy enough to have them that big!


Download the tango icon collection here

Farm Fresh

There are an incredible 3500 icons in this set, brought to you by FatCow Web Hosting. These icons go up to 32px by 32px, which is great for most needs.


Download the farm fresh icon collection here


There are 150 icons in this set, all sized at 256px by 256px.


Download the phuzion icon collection here


There are 128 icons in this set, sized at 48px by 48px.


Download the function icon collection here

Refresh CL

There are over 250 icons in this set, going up to 256px by 256px.


Download the refresh cl icon collection here

FamFamFam Silk

There are over 700 icons in this set, sized at 16px by 16px. Not quite high enough resolution for some needs, but useful for button based icons in applications.


Download the famfamfam silk icon collection here


689 icons and counting. Simple black and white icons that are free to use for any project.


Download the iconmonstr icons here

Is That Enough?

Those are my favourite icons from across the web. If your icon needs still aren’t satisfied, check out where there are plenty more icon sets that await. And if you want to go a step further, check out, where you can search for particular icons of interest.