JaggyBlog Updates

8th April 2016 – Version 3.5

  • Component has been updated to work with PHP7.
  • Fixed layout incompatibility with certain site templates being used by clients.
  • Comment captcha image has been removed and replaced with a honeypot system. Users are no longer required to enter a captcha.
  • Fixed several bugs related to article parameters not being picked up by JaggyBlog.

27th March 2015 – Version 3.4

  • New option – Show author byline at bottom of each blog post.
  • URL structure – Select how JaggyBlog URLs should display for SEO purposes.
  • Category display – Category list pages now display image and text based on what’s entered in its menu item.
  • Frontpage display option – Show featured image as a header across the top of each blog post, instead of as a thumbnail down the side.
  • New plugin – Komento extension for comments now supported
  • New option – Choose whether read more links are automatically inserted and text is auto-cropped.
  • New module – Calendar module similar to one used in WordPress.
  • New notification option – Administrator can now be emailed when a blog post is submitted by a user.
  • New approval option – Administrator can now require that blog posts need approval before being published.

14th March 2014 – Version 3.2

  • New template added called “container box – grey”, a variant of the beige gradient template.
  • Extra options added to choose the colour of elements such as thumbnails, date and read more link buttons.
  • New module added that displays the latest blog posts in an animated gallery slider.
  • Several minor bugs fixed, mainly related to user/category ACL permissions.

8th November 2013

  • A new template called “Newspaper” has been added. This allows users to have blog areas that are laid out into 2 columns with the option to have a featured post that’s full width across the top of the front-page.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed, such as page headings in menu items not appearing when enabled.

5th October 2013

  • A new template has been added called “WordPress style”. This template allows users to have thumbnails show next to their blog posts. Images for thumbnails are pulled in from the “intro image” chosen in article manager or from the first image found in the blog post.

24th August 2013

  • JaggyBlog for Joomla 3 has now been released, replacing the version for Joomla 2.5. Customers of Joomla 2.5 can still download the extensions for JaggyBlog but the component itself can no longer be purchased. The JaggyBlog extensions for Joomla 1.5 have now been removed.

6th May 2013

  • Added a Comments layout so blog owners can have their own page that lists out all the blog comments made, based on category chosen.
  • Latest Posts Module – Added module options to display author names, blog post titles and “view more” links.
  • Latest Comments Module – Added module options to display author names, and “vew more links”.
  • Added buttons to the frontend that allows the author of the blog post to approve comments, not just administrators.
  • Authors of blog posts can now receive email notifications when a comment is submitted.

20th January 2013

  • Archive list module – Added a module that lists out blog posts by date, similarly to WordPress.

8th August 2012

  • Team-blogging – JaggyBlog now hooks into the ACL permissions of Joomla’s Category Manager. This means that you can now choose which categories within JaggyBlog users can write and edit posts to.

18th March 2012

  • Joomla 2.5 Compatibility – JaggyBlog has been updated to work with the latest version of Joomla 2.5. JaggyBlog for Joomla 1.5 is no longer available to purchase.

9th February 2012

  • Fixed: Security issue regarding excessive file permissions being made on installation.
  • Fixed: Articles do not have a delay when publishing as they are now based correctly on the time-zone set in Joomla.