Bespoke Britannia – Website and SEO


bespoke-britannia-logoIn 2015, Bespoke Britannia needed a new website that had greater functionality than what their current, static website had. They were happy with the current look of the website but it was not mobile-friendly, had no blog area, or the ability to post job vacancies. To coincide with the creation of a new website, they also wanted regular PPC, onsite optimisation, social media management and content marketing to improve it’s online awareness. Alongside this, they were willing to regularly post new content to their blog and social media channels.


The old website was replaced with the latest version of WordPress and all the relevant plugins were installed and configured to fulfil the functionality required. Out of the box, the job board plugin did not quite fulfil the original specification agreed, so extra time was spent bespoking it to achieve what was needed.

Bespoke Britannia regularly posted to Twitter while I undertook the task of finding relevant users to follow and start a conversation with. I also liaised with influential bloggers in the recruitment industry to write about the company and it’s services to gain high-value links and exposure to their audiences.


After only 3 months, Bespoke Britannia had a fully functional website bringing several hundred extra search visits a month. Their previous website had been relying almost solely on social media and direct traffic. On a minimal budget they were also getting a similar amount of extra traffic via PPC advertising.

With the help of a few high-value content pieces published by influential bloggers, they also achieved top 5 rankings for long-tail searches such as “permanent domestic recruitment”.