Bridger and Buss – Business Development


bridger-and-buss-logoIn 2016, Bridger and Buss had a small, brochure website that contained minimal information about the company and the furniture it creates. The only visitation to the website was from those who already knew about the company. There was no traditional or online advertising being done. Also, there was no way of seeing the products that B & B had created without visiting the workshop.


This campaign was as much of a business development exercise as it was a digital overhaul. Having helped several other start-up businesses go from new beginnings to million pound turnovers, it was clear what business processes had to be implemented. Traditional, real-world marketing needed to be implemented, alongside an online marketing campaign.

A new website was created in WordPress, with a bespoke design and custom e-commerce system to suit the unique position of the company. Much of the furniture is bespoke and of high-value, so a typical online transaction website wasn’t appropriate.

Product-style pages were created to describe the items that could be crafted, along with methods of enquiry and encouraging call-to-actions. The site was built to portray a luxurious lifestyle and to get clients interested in forming a trustworthy relationship, so they were confident in ordering one-off, high-value pieces.

Once the new site was built, PPC advertising was introduced, alongside social media management and copywriting for the blog area. Brochures were also designed and printed to advertise to potential customers in the real-world. We even went one-step further and contacted house builders so that B & B could start promoting their furniture in show homes.


The project spanned over 12 months, with all the elements put in place for the business to attract new clientele off and online. Each of their social media accounts grew naturally to a few hundred followers each, and a few hundred were also now visiting the website on a monthly basis. After 6 months of the campaign starting, enquiries started to trickle in.

Admittedly, the visitation and enquiries were not as high as a dedicated SEO campaign with an established brand. The project was a good exercise in business development though, and it laid the foundations for continued growth going forwards.