Treco – Website and SEO


In 2013, Treco required a new website that modernised the look of their brand and a CMS that provided enough features to let them upload case studies, resource guides and the ability to upload RHI calculators for visitors to use in the commercial and domestic sector. Even though digital marketing was already being done, they wanted an integrated approach, going forwards with onsite optimisation, social media guidance/management, PPC and content marketing.


treco-websiteTreco’s website had a bespoke design implemented that matched their brand logo and colour scheme, with copy that matched their company tone. Guidance was provided so that regular blog posts were published to attract as much natural search traffic as possible, while boosting their online signals using Twitter and Facebook.

Articles were written by Treco and bloggers liaised with to get them published onto industry specific websites to talk about the company and what’s happening in the biomass industry. While Treco were producing great content, I overhauled their onsite optimisation to ensure the site performed as well as it could from a usability and technical point-of-view, while managing their PPC campaign to ensure relevance and low CPC.


After 12 months of the new website going live, Treco’s search traffic in Sept 2014 vs Sept 2013 increased by 68%, with overall traffic increasing by 28%. This proved to be one of my most successful projects, especially when their previous website and SEO was undertaken by a well-known agency. On a wider scale, Treco’s search traffic improved by 27% when comparing the whole 12 months of 2014 to 2013:


During this period, form enquiries recorded for the first time in September 2013 compared to September 2014 went up by almost 5 times, while interactions via important call-to-actions went up from 296 to 445. Their PPC budget was also streamlined, with over 1,000 less irrelevant clicks coming through to the website on a monthly basis, saving them around £450 p/m.

Treco knew via monthly reports and regular Skype calls how their site was performing and how to react to an industry that drastically changed over the following years.